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A Different View of California

What do you think of when you think of California? From my conversations with people when I’m traveling, or people who end up here one way or another, I’ve heard a few typical… Continue reading

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

Pinterest is great for a lot of things. For cooking and crafts. For redecorating and dreaming about clothes and shiny things. ¬†For planning trips and picking up tips. For inspiration, motivation, and that… Continue reading

Proud to be a Nerd

I’m the smart quiet girl in the back of the room whose voice only carries to the person next to me unless I really want to be heard. I’m the bookworm with a… Continue reading

Become an Expert about What Breaks Your Heart

The past couple of days have held some pretty intense moments for me. I’ve sat through a training and two presentations about sexual trafficking in our world today. It’s a subject that tends… Continue reading



When My Girls Come Home for the Holidays

One of the most bizarre experiences this holiday season for me was the part where instead of flying of driving home, I find myself here already. This year, instead of packing up my… Continue reading

Life in Christmas Ornaments

December has arrived and with it, our plastic tree has come together from its separate pieces into something that looks like the real ones that I left behind in Washington last year. This… Continue reading

Crafting Again

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I crafted. I also can’t believe I figured out a use for my pictures from snowmaggedon last year in Washington. Two for one? Not a… Continue reading

Fast Fading Fall

Fall is quickly disappearing and temperatures are sliding towards freezing. Obviously many places in the country have already embraced chilly nights and I know I can’t complain about our 60 degree days. The… Continue reading

Winter Inspired Christmas Photo Cards

My creativity tends to reveal itself in different ways at different times. Sometimes it shows up in the kitchen, sometimes it shows up in my writing, and sometimes it shows up in my… Continue reading