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Midwest Meanderings

Husband and I returned Friday night from a whirlwind week of travel. This trip was our last big scheduled adventure for the year, and a push to get me toward a goal I’ve… Continue reading

A Different View of California

What do you think of when you think of California? From my conversations with people when I’m traveling, or people who end up here one way or another, I’ve heard a few typical… Continue reading

The City By The Bay

Time to explore. Time to learn boldness. A year ago I took my first solo day trip hiking in Olympic National Park, just up the peninsula from where I was living in Washington.… Continue reading

Life’s Sweet Refrain

Life occasionally sends sweet moments to enjoy. Moments, days, sometimes even weeks of goodness strung together. These past few weeks have been one of those sweet spots and started off what I’m hoping… Continue reading

1,000 Miles Later

Travel memoirs typically carry several similarities in their progression. The protagonist begins with a sort of existential crisis that prompts them on a journey of some length, traversing unknown or previously known geographic spaces that… Continue reading

Channeling College, If Only for a Day

Today was amazing. I got to pretend like I was in college again, and that pretend world felt so good. A couple of months ago I knocked on a door down my street… Continue reading

Books + Travel = Love

Do you like to read? or travel? Or read about traveling? If you’ve spent any time reading my blog in the past year, you’ll know that I like to do all of the… Continue reading

Finishing A Year’s Travels at the California Coast

Now that we’ve hit the second half of December, it feels like an appropriate time to start reflecting back on the year. Some may disagree, but I love looking back at the end… Continue reading

Bridge to Nowhere

Each of my years in college, some friends and I completed a hike in the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California. I looked forward to the trip each year, and miss it more… Continue reading

Authentic Experiences

Travel enthusiasts seem to have this thing for an authentic experience of a place. Often times those with large wallets and flexible schedules will commit to spending extra time in a place in… Continue reading