Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

faith over fearPinterest is great for a lot of things. For cooking and crafts. For redecorating and dreaming about clothes and shiny things.  For planning trips and picking up tips. For inspiration, motivation, and that extra push to get out and mist yourself with perspiration.   It’s either a time-suck or a great way to pass one’s waking hours, depending on how you see it.

I amassed over 1500 Pins in the first few months I was on, sitting at my AmeriCorps desk job, looking for ideas of what to do with my kids in the after school problem…and then falling down the rabbit hole like Alice did on her adventure to Wonderland. Hours and hours later, I left that crazy world.

Having all that time on Pinterest last year kind of got the whole thing out of my system. I listen t co-workers talk about how they’re up late into the night on Pinterest, and I find myself wondering why it’s such a big deal to them. At this point, I have one big reason to love Pinterest, and for where I am with life now, this is like gold.

I LOVE the quotes that get pinned and stuck to my feed. They’re inspiring, encouraging, and they help me shift my perspective when I’m having a grumbly sort of a day. I could pick a quote a day and write about it – hey, there’s an idea!- but tonight I keep centering on this quote,

let your faith be bigger than your fear

Which continues in my mind Because the world is scary. And people let you down. And you have to learn how to take the failures with the successes. And be willing to keep putting yourself out there. And love and have faith and choose good in the midst of all of these things.

If I had a glass in my hand right now, I’d raise a toast. To a life lived to the fullest where every opportunity gets taken, where there are no regrets or “should have” statements to make. Sometimes I forget to have faith and I let fear take over. I look at the water rising instead of looking where I know I will find the peace to ease the fear. Fear can destroy life, but love can destroy fear. In this season, I pray that my heart is soft even when life is hard.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Now there’s a quote to live by!