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Family and Farm Fresh Ice Cream

The most exciting news for me today is that after several months of being drastically underemployed, I finally got a job offer that speaks to my passions, strengths, and abilities. I can’t believe… Continue reading

Finals No More

Life has shifted for me a lot in the past few months as I’ve returned to my hometown and tried to restart my life here. Many of the things that I’ve spent the… Continue reading

The Heart of Family Cooking

Chili. Cornbread. Caramel stuffed Cider Cookies. The lineup sounds like a great autumn meal to warm the body and soul and a cool day. Watching the wind twirl leaves before kindly depositing them… Continue reading

Back to the Kitchen!

When I first moved up to Washington, my blogging featured a lot of food posts. They represented the comforts of home for me in a place that felt nothing like home, and during… Continue reading

Irreverence and Irrelevance

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I have read two books that have their fun with the Christian faith in a way that is more entertaining than spiritual, more legalistic… Continue reading

Move Often, and Eat Local

Finally, after a good three weeks of slowly walking through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle:A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver. This is perhaps the slowest I’ve waded through a book since I started… Continue reading

A Cloudy and Tasty Eclipse Day

While many people viewed what I’ve heard was an awesome eclipse today, I got to look outside my window at a drizzle of rain that has returned after a week and a half… Continue reading

My Beef with 8 Deceptive Food Terms

A bit of a rant today, because I’m simply tired of reading through articles, blogs, and books that tout special properties of different foods and recipes. Really, figuring out what to eat shouldn’t… Continue reading

Cupcake Party!

The countdown began two months ago and ended today. I made a pact with the girls in our after-school program that I would bake and decorate cupcakes with them if they were able… Continue reading

Mother’s Day Waffles

For Mother’s Day, I received some lovingly potted plants from the children at church. I got a couple of joking comments as I held my friend’s baby girl, and after some conversations with… Continue reading