Life in Christmas Ornaments

December has arrived and with it, our plastic tree has come together from its separate pieces into something that looks like the real ones that I left behind in Washington last year. This year I got to set up the tree with my kitty and my mom, and in the process, I got to reflect on some of the Christmas ornaments that define my years.

First Ornament

This ornament was made by my mother when for my first Christmas. It’s seen better days but it reminds me of the relationships in my and my mother’s life.

First Christmas

My brother and I. Family is the reason I’m back where I am, for him, his son, and the rest of our family.

Swedish lass

There isn’t much of me that actually celebrates the different countries in of my European heritage. It may be far removed, but there’s still a part of that in me.

Peter the Anteater Ornament

An ornament from college, the first that represented life on my own. Now, I’m back home and it’s here with me.

Do you have any ornaments for your tree that carry personal significance for you or your family? Leave a link, comment, or image with your story!