Media Fast

Struck by the reality of the situation, it is time to make a decision. Life is not what it should be. That is well and clear. The culprit? My own time management and… Continue reading

Become an Expert about What Breaks Your Heart

The past couple of days have held some pretty intense moments for me. I’ve sat through a training and two presentations about sexual trafficking in our world today. It’s a subject that tends… Continue reading

Make Your Dreams Come True

Dreaming is fun. it’s not to hard to do, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Each of us have our own visions of an ideal world where we can accomplish anything… Continue reading

It’s Not About You

We sat across a table from another with a paper between us, stuck as the object in a discussion founded in two completely different perspectives. He thought he was giving me necessary advice.… Continue reading

That Time Again

  In this space between Christmas morning and New Year’s, a natural pause occurs. Each social media site has sent out their “year in review” and we can count the days on our… Continue reading

The little pub crawl that could

Work gracefully finished with a hope-filled and much needed phone call from a program partner for the workforce development program I’m currently engineering. Much needed after a rocky week of anticipation and long… Continue reading

When Life Gives You Grapefruit

I have this vivid memory in elementary school of what now seems to be both a profound and foolish thought for a child to have. See, I was one of those kids that… Continue reading

Finding My Happy Place

I’m not going to go all Elizabeth Gilbert on you and gush about trips to exotic trips where I’ve found myself in some transcendent moment of self-discovery. I’m far too cynical for that,… Continue reading

A Different View of California

What do you think of when you think of California? From my conversations with people when I’m traveling, or people who end up here one way or another, I’ve heard a few typical… Continue reading

Life is a ________________

The way we chose to look at our lives impacts the way we live them. The way we perceive the world and out place in it influences the way we respond to challenges… Continue reading

What Can an English Major Do?

Unlike many of my English major peers, I had no aspirations of writing professionally. Looking back, I think I chose English as my major because I really admired one of my high school… Continue reading

Two New Books and the Life Chapter They Begin

Flipping the calendar over from June to July shouldn’t have been that big a deal. May to June wasn’t anything special, nor was April to May, or March to April. But July? July… Continue reading