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Finding My Happy Place

I’m not going to go all Elizabeth Gilbert on you and gush about trips to exotic trips where I’ve found myself in some transcendent moment of self-discovery. I’m far too cynical for that,… Continue reading

Two New Books and the Life Chapter They Begin

Flipping the calendar over from June to July shouldn’t have been that big a deal. May to June wasn’t anything special, nor was April to May, or March to April. But July? July… Continue reading

Introversion & Faith

Happy Sunday, Ladies and Gents. If you’re like me, today you 1) went to church 2) relaxed around the house and 3) realized you have way too many chores to do before Monday… Continue reading

On Niequist’s Bittersweet

My friend’s sister bought a book. The book spoke to her heart and soul, and so she gave it to my friend who gave it to me. And today I read it, while… Continue reading

Books + Travel = Love

Do you like to read? or travel? Or read about traveling? If you’ve spent any time reading my blog in the past year, you’ll know that I like to do all of the… Continue reading

Christmas for Bibliophiles: Five Books and How They Fit

Yesterday was Christmas. It was a glorious day filled with family, food, The Nativity Story, and The Grinch. A day of appreciation, time together, and pretending that we still are surprised by the… Continue reading

Finding the Missing Element in Education

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the books I’ve been reading. Unfortunately, it’s because I haven’t been reading much. I’m in need of some more inspirational material. Maybe I need some… Continue reading

My Blessed Body

There have been many days, weeks, and years of my life where I have not been happy with my body. There were the months surrounding my jaw surgery in junior high where even… Continue reading

Quote of the Day

Best quote for my day from my current read and new favorite book: If you make your business about helping people, you’ll always have plenty of work.” -Chris Guillebeau,┬áThe $100 Startup Stay turned… Continue reading

Disappointing Stability

In the midst of a slump of a dearth of good new books on my queue, I have recently returned to some books and authors that I read during college. Oliver Sacks, Jhumpa… Continue reading