A Different View of California

What do you think of when you think of California? From my conversations with people when I’m traveling, or people who end up here one way or another, I’ve heard a few typical… Continue reading

Life is a ________________

The way we chose to look at our lives impacts the way we live them. The way we perceive the world and out place in it influences the way we respond to challenges… Continue reading

What Can an English Major Do?

Unlike many of my English major peers, I had no aspirations of writing professionally. Looking back, I think I chose English as my major because I really admired one of my high school… Continue reading

Two New Books and the Life Chapter They Begin

Flipping the calendar over from June to July shouldn’t have been that big a deal. May to June wasn’t anything special, nor was April to May, or March to April. But July? July… Continue reading

The City By The Bay

Time to explore. Time to learn boldness. A year ago I took my first solo day trip hiking in Olympic National Park, just up the peninsula from where I was living in Washington.… Continue reading

The One Year Itch

It’s been almost a year since I last moved. For a girl who’s moved every year for the past six years, the prospect of not moving in the next couple of months is… Continue reading

Does Where You’re Born Determine Your Future?

As you read this post, try to answer this question in your head: Do you believe where you’re born determines what educational opportunities you have,your career options, and  your average lifetime health and… Continue reading

Life’s Sweet Refrain

Life occasionally sends sweet moments to enjoy. Moments, days, sometimes even weeks of goodness strung together. These past few weeks have been one of those sweet spots and started off what I’m hoping… Continue reading

We Fall Apart (Isn’t it Beautiful)

 It seems like every day is a new lesson in how difficult it is to have truly strong and beneficial relationships. It’s been challenging to say the least to go from working in… Continue reading

3 Life Lessons Learned from Lines

Life is like a line: It’s a series of moments strung together to form a unique trajectory as time moves forward. I like lines. They help me see where I’m going or at… Continue reading