Channeling College, If Only for a Day

Today was amazing. I got to pretend like I was in college again, and that pretend world felt so good. A couple of months ago I knocked on a door down my street… Continue reading

A New Hierarchy of Needs

Everyone hears about Maslow’s¬†Hierarchy¬†of Needs in college. It’s all over Education classes, and I’m pretty sure that Psych classes make sure to cover it as well. The entire premise revolves around the idea… Continue reading

Experience the Bittersweet

Bittersweet. It’s a word that seems so appropriate for this season of life. It’s sweet for all of the relationships I have and the time to cultivate them. For the ability to take… Continue reading

Love on Single’s Awareness Day

In the past few months since returning home, I’ve fallen in love with my city in a way I never thought possible. I left several years ago and swore I was never coming… Continue reading

Pointed Advice from an Unexpected Source

One of the really fun things about getting to write for the newspaper is always having an excuse to attend meetings, seminars, and events about good things happening in the community. Often they’re… Continue reading

When Waiting is the Hardest Part

i’m waiting to hear from them. again. three rounds of interviews after two months of silence, and i’m back to waiting. i have to wait one, if not two weeks, to hear if… Continue reading

Why Saying Thank You is Good for the Heart

Have you ever noticed that saying thank you to someone immediately lifts your mood? If you haven’t noticed that, try to test the theory today. In the random articles, podcasts, books, and shows… Continue reading

On Niequist’s Bittersweet

My friend’s sister bought a book. The book spoke to her heart and soul, and so she gave it to my friend who gave it to me. And today I read it, while… Continue reading

Become an Expert about What Breaks Your Heart

The past couple of days have held some pretty intense moments for me. I’ve sat through a training and two presentations about sexual trafficking in our world today. It’s a subject that tends… Continue reading