Goodbye Blue Skies, Hello Cloud Cover

Less than two days left here in this beautiful little town that has been home for the past year. Funny to think that I fought my parents about coming here, all those years… Continue reading

Believe in Me

Topic #213: Who was the first person who believed in you? How did you discover this was true? Response People. 2. My parents. The answer to this question is pretty straightforward, though I… Continue reading

Ideal Day

Topic #212: If you could spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would you do? Response I’m tired and the answer to this is rather simple, so it gets the shortest post yet: Get… Continue reading

Necessary Luxuries

So, I’m tired of posting “Daily Post ___” as my titles, so though I will continue posting from “The Daily Post” blog, I’ll try to give some relevancy of the subject in the… Continue reading

Daily Post 6

Topic #210: What does love mean to you? We talk about love all the time, but rarely do we sit down and think about what it is, and how our behavior helps us… Continue reading

Take that First Step into the Unknown

Am I ready? No, not now, not yet. Now I know where I’m going, and I’m taking a step forward from where I am to get to the place I’m going, but I… Continue reading

Daily Post 5

Topic #207: Would you ever get a tattoo? If you had one, what made you decide to get your first? If you don’t have one, why or why not would you ever consider… Continue reading

Daily Post 4

Topic #206: How much debt is too much? Response Enough that you feel oppressed by it. I would like to say that any debt is too much, but it is so ingrained in… Continue reading

Daily Post 3

Topic #204: Close your eyes and try thinking about nothing: what happens? Response: My senses are heightened. I breathe deeply, concentrating on breathing in and out as I have been taught, because I… Continue reading

The Emotions of Waiting

I meant to write this yesterday but it was, perhaps ironically, the most emotional day that I’ve had for quite some time. One thing it did do is make me think even more… Continue reading