Introversion & Faith

Happy Sunday, Ladies and Gents. If you’re like me, today you 1) went to church 2) relaxed around the house and 3) realized you have way too many chores to do before Monday… Continue reading

1,000 Miles Later

Travel memoirs typically carry several similarities in their progression. The protagonist begins with a sort of existential crisis that prompts them on a journey of some length, traversing unknown or previously known geographic spaces that… Continue reading

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

Pinterest is great for a lot of things. For cooking and crafts. For redecorating and dreaming about clothes and shiny things.  For planning trips and picking up tips. For inspiration, motivation, and that… Continue reading

A University at Sunset: Reflections Three Years Post-Graduation

I slipped into the crowd of students ambling from the parking lot up the hill towards their classrooms. Blending right in, I studied my surroundings and felt the atmosphere around me. There’s something about… Continue reading

why i’ve [pretty much] stopped writing

I don’t have much to say. Not to you, anyhow. Have you noticed it? This trend of me posting less and less frequently? Seems like it’s time for me to tell a story… Continue reading

Stand Up for Yourself

I stand as a spokesperson in my hometown for the 20-somethings. For the young adults. For the men and women who are no longer students yet not respected as adults. I have conversations… Continue reading

Celebrating Grandma at 96

This Sunday my grandmother will be 96. She’s outlived her parents, all of her brothers and sisters, her husband, and many of her childhood friends. She’s seen decades of wars and watched California… Continue reading

All I Once Held Dear

Three weeks for a life change. Is that really all that it takes?  Did it happen faster than that? I’ve been at the new job for just over three weeks now, and I… Continue reading

Spring Break in a Working World

This week I’m learning that Spring Break does not exist when your life does not revolve around a school calendar. No trips or vacations. No mission trips or long days relaxing with friends.… Continue reading

Proud to be a Nerd

I’m the smart quiet girl in the back of the room whose voice only carries to the person next to me unless I really want to be heard. I’m the bookworm with a… Continue reading