why i’ve [pretty much] stopped writing

I don’t have much to say. Not to you, anyhow. Have you noticed it? This trend of me posting less and less frequently? Seems like it’s time for me to tell a story… Continue reading

Stand Up for Yourself

I stand as a spokesperson in my hometown for the 20-somethings. For the young adults. For the men and women who are no longer students yet not respected as adults. I have conversations… Continue reading

Celebrating Grandma at 96

This Sunday my grandmother will be 96. She’s outlived her parents, all of her brothers and sisters, her husband, and many of her childhood friends. She’s seen decades of wars and watched California… Continue reading

All I Once Held Dear

Three weeks for a life change. Is that really all that it takes? ┬áDid it happen faster than that? I’ve been at the new job for just over three weeks now, and I… Continue reading

Spring Break in a Working World

This week I’m learning that Spring Break does not exist when your life does not revolve around a school calendar. No trips or vacations. No mission trips or long days relaxing with friends.… Continue reading

Proud to be a Nerd

I’m the smart quiet girl in the back of the room whose voice only carries to the person next to me unless I really want to be heard. I’m the bookworm with a… Continue reading

How was your first day? Make any new friends?

I’ve officially worked 40 hours at my new job. A full week with two days at one location and three days at the other. I’m loving my new role, even with the ambiguity… Continue reading

International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. Being the ambitious young woman that I am, you might have supposed that I’d have joined with the UN in some way with its message that we should… Continue reading

Family and Farm Fresh Ice Cream

The most exciting news for me today is that after several months of being drastically underemployed, I finally got a job offer that speaks to my passions, strengths, and abilities. I can’t believe… Continue reading

Why I Blog and Why Blogging Awards Embarrass Me

Back in 2006 & 2007 I wrote blog-like entries on MySpace and Facebook. In 2007-2008, I made a pact with several college friends and we simultaneously started BlogSpot accounts, and in 2010 I… Continue reading