That Time Again


My entry into our work Christmas party's ugly sweater contest. I lost by a long shot.

My entry into our work Christmas party’s ugly sweater contest. I lost by a long shot 

In this space between Christmas morning and New Year’s, a natural pause occurs. Each social media site has sent out their “year in review” and we can count the days on our fingers until the next year begins.  Resolutions for the coming year may yet be a few days away. For those of you who are ready to join me in this time of reflection, hello.

I jump in with everyone else who marvels at how quickly time passes by. It feels like every year of life brings innumerable changes, welcomed and not. This year brought many wonderful friends into my life, and presented the opportunity to experience my hometown in new ways. I got to continue my stateside travels and see the East Coast for the first time (sorry Angeline, Florida doesn’t count). I started working my first career-track job, and have experienced many wonderful challenges in this work world.

Two and a half years ago I walked a stage and received my teaching credential. Even as I crossed that stage, I held a strong sense of doubt that I would not find a fulfilling workplace and that there would be many emotionally rough years ahead for me as I searched for something that fit. I decided a year later that I was going to let my credential expire, and resolved to find a position that involved teaching but did not put me in front of a secondary school classroom. In March I began working as an EHR Trainer, and in October I stepped into my current role of Program Coordinator for a Workforce Development grant. I am amazed and humbled each day at the opportunity I have received with this position, and how fulfilling it is.

My tastes have changed. Smaller is no longer better.

My tastes have changed. Smaller is no longer better.

My proclivity toward technology grew exponentially this year. I work in an Information Systems department, working to teach people how to use a specific computer application. I’m learning more about the IT world, and taking my nerdom to a whole new level. Case in point? My big Christmas excitement this year was coordinating with my parents for a desk setup at home that allows me to connect either my work laptop (Windows) or my Mac Mini to a dual monitor display. Should come in handy for my e-Learning Instructional Design classes and the work that I seem to keep bringing home with me.

The year has not been without its disappointments. Most recently, I have been reeling with an overabundance of tragedy. My dear friend’s wonderful and loving 20 month old Golden Retriever got hit by a car last week. My grandfather passed away the weekend before. My grandmother broke her hip six weeks ago and has been struggling with daily tasks even more than before. My closest friends all moved away within a 3 month period of each other, and I got into a minor car accident a couple weeks ago while driving home from a training I gave to one of our clinic’s staff.

For the friends who mailed me Christmas cards this year – I’m sorry that I didn’t get some out to you. Things have been a bit busy lately. I am thankful for your cards and your friendship. Thankful for the people in my life that I still get to visit even years after we’ve ceased living in the same city. It means more than you might think.

I’ve piped down online, and that trend will probably continue. I’m investing more of my time in my city, my friends, and especially my family. I am ultimately glad with what this year has brought, even with the hardships that seem to have compounded lately. Life is good, and there are reasons to hope. Christmas and New Year’s Day are wonderful reminders of that fact.

But if you’ll excuse me, I still have some things to wrap up — it’s back to work tomorrow, and I am no where near ready for Christmas to be over.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!