The One Year Itch

It’s been almost a year since I last moved. For a girl who’s moved every year for the past six years, the prospect of not moving in the next couple of months is quite strange. I haven’t been on a plane since last October. As I’ve mentioned before…I get ancy when I’ve been stationary for extended periods of time.

Wandering through the aisles of Target, I once more felt overwhelmed by the desire to get myself a cute little house and make everything to my liking. Cute photo frames to display my adorable nephew. Pillows, quotes, and bright colors to throw around rooms built for no one larger than my 5’3″ frame. Not really on the last part, but really, I dream about being able to host someone into my little home that feels cozy and inviting. It’s be complete with my Daisy-cat and maybe another friend for her. The scent of delicious food would waft through the air and laughter would trickle though the rooms in between bouts of deep conversations.

To travel, to decorate, to invite someone in to experience life. To seek expression and connection, and to love the life we’re given. Truly this is living.

Yet this is not my life, not right now. Maybe in a year when I could conceivably have enough money to buy my little house and make it how I want it. But by then I might be traveling regularly for work, and it hardly seems worth leaving kitty cat alone by herself.

This one year itch is looking to be scratched, and this girl just got her vacation time approved. Time to figure out what adventures this year could still have in store.