We Fall Apart (Isn’t it Beautiful)

 It seems like every day is a new lesson in how difficult it is to have truly strong and beneficial relationships. It’s been challenging to say the least to go from working in setting where I was working with 1-5 other people on any given day to working for two organizations with more than 100 employees each, where I am responsible for working with a variety of individuals with diverse personalities and roles.

I don’t know that anyone will ever hear me claim to be good with people. Writing? Sure. Researching? Check. Making sure that I have positive relationships with everyone around me? Mmm…not so much. I try my best to listen, to be empathetic and understanding, but I can’t do it all the time. There are days where I fail to do those three things that I think are important, and those days, quite frankly, send me running for my cat and my books.

Life is messy and relationships are messy. They’re completely necessary and can be wonderful and uplifting, supportive and exciting. They’re also great at creating “Opportunities for growth”: those pesky little moments where you have to swallow your pride and humbly admit you’re wrong. Those moments aren’t fun, no matter how beneficial they are in the long run.

As you may have guessed, tonight was more of a curl-up-in-bed kind of night than a go-out-and-live-large kind of a night. I’m open to any fun and encouraging stories, jokes, book or film recommendations; or quotes/advice about growing up and learning how to have good relationships with others. Anybody got some good nuggets to share?

All I’ve got right now is this song I heard on the radio for the first time today.  Apparently been out for a while, but it’s new to me. Stuck on repeat right now; trying to work out the echoes of a bad day from my head.