Spring Break in a Working World

This week I’m learning that Spring Break does not exist when your life does not revolve around a school calendar. No trips or vacations. No mission trips or long days relaxing with friends. Spring break now is more of an affirmation that the seasons are changing and the days are getting longer.

Spring in Davis

Many of my friends are still on a school schedule because they’re working at universities or in k-12 settings. Many of the friends who live in my hometown have left for the week on trips with students, and many friends who do not live here are coming home for a few days. A changing of the guard if you will, effective just long enough to confuse the daylights out of me.

I took the chance this weekend to head up to Davis again – a trip that yielded a chance to catch up with my ex, my former roommate, a friend from my credential program, friends from church and friends from the fellowship I participated in while living in Davis. I did what I could to get in as many of my favorite places to eat and shop, and as many of my favorite people in to the two days that I got to spend in one of my favorite places. That’s the extent of my spring break this year.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work (a fact that I’m sincerely glad about, despite the fact that I’m missing the opportunity to travel across the country like I had thought I’d be doing at this time of year).  I’ll try to take some time this week to make sure my cat doesn’t feel so neglected, to actually make my gym membership worth the cost, and to breathe. It feels like I’m finally starting to get my feet on the ground at work, which is a relief after the past couple weeks of feeling like I’m in completely over my head.

Maybe I’ll get a chance to breathe and sleep a little better after all the excitement of this weekend. Time to shift into work mode, and wish all of you who are on spring break a fantastic time. Think of me on your adventures and send me pictures. For all of those times when you lived vicariously through me, it’s payback. I’ll be here, and I need a taste of adventure.