How was your first day? Make any new friends?

Photo by MKO

Photo with Friend.  by MKO

I’ve officially worked 40 hours at my new job. A full week with two days at one location and three days at the other. I’m loving my new role, even with the ambiguity of my place in these organizations right now.

Feels like I’ve done this before, only a little bit differently. It feels like I’m starting a new school year.

When I got home from my first day at the 2nd site on Monday, my dad asked me if I had made any new friends. I laughed the question off and moved on with my day.

Most of the people I’m working with at both locations are about 10 years older than me. They’ve been working for a while, and have different priorities for life. They have different relational structures, most actually own the houses they live in, and they’ve got a system for their lives pretty well established.

Everyone I’ve met has been kind and helpful and I think we’re going to get along just fine…but friends? No. I don’t plan on going to their kids’ birthday parties or inviting them over for dinner. Even if we’re now working in a similar environment, our lives are very different.

At the same time, these are the people with whom I will be spending most of my time. No more coffee dates on Tuesday mornings at 8:30. No more lengthy mid-day facebook chats. And, for the most part, no more late night trivia nights. If I’ve got to be out the door by 7:30, you can sure bet that I’ll be home before 11 PM the night before.

I’ve got to figure out new ways to get time in with my friends (many of whom work nights and weekends), and how to connect with people in a different life stage. Life isn’t what it was before, and I’m hoping that I don’t end up having this fantastic job opportunity doesn’t result in me losing the strength that has come into my relationships in the past few months.

Balance can be so hard to find.