Family and Farm Fresh Ice Cream

The most exciting news for me today is that after several months of being drastically underemployed, I finally got a job offer that speaks to my passions, strengths, and abilities. I can’t believe it’s real, and that in less than two days I will be starting my first full-time salaried position.

However, exciting as that is (and yes, I’m thrilled), there’s something else on my mind that I really wanted to write about today: My Family.

Linus 6 moWe’re a pretty small clan. Not too close, and not very affection. We do all love two things though, and those two things bring us all together. We love my nephew, and food! My sister-in-law was a nutrition major in school and both she and my mother grew up living the agricultural life. My mother grew up on a fig orchard, my sister-in-law on a farm.

They represent our little chunk of California – the ones that produce the food the rest of the world eats, and the substance that first brought mid-westerners out here to our lovely Pacific Ocean-hugging state. We’re a little piece of the Midwest, and my does it taste good.

My nephew got the treat of a visit from his “other” Auntie, Grandma and Grandpa this week, and we all got to sit down for some family time. Farm fresh eggs and milk came along with these visitors, so my sis in marriage and I set about to make some French Vanilla ice cream.

Mix it!Bright orange egg yolks, rich cream, and wholesome milk made for an excellent base for breaking in a new ice cream mixer attachment for a Kitchen Aid mixer. I skimmed the cream off the milk, helped make the custard, and watched in eager expectation as the ice cream maker churned our mix. We ended up with milkshakes rather than ice cream due to our impatience in not wanting to wait 8 hours for the mix to set, but that was some of the most delicious “ice cream” I’ve ever had.

I may not have grown up on a farm like family members in generations past, but I certainly appreciate the work tat goes into such a livelihood. It’s nice, too, to have the sister-in-law that I do, for experiences like this and such an adorable nephew.

A new job, a cute little boy, and delicious desserts. These are the joys that make life good.