Channeling College, If Only for a Day

Today was amazing. I got to pretend like I was in college again, and that pretend world felt so good. A couple of months ago I knocked on a door down my street belonging to a friend of a friend’s sister. Behind that door lay rumored a new friend who had bought a house when she committed to working at the University here in our city. We made fast friends, and today I joined her and several of the students she works with on a hike in Yosemite.

I donned a sweatshirt from my college days and headed across the street to make new friends with the students before we left on our trip. We piled into two cars, telling riddles, swapping song out on iPods and iPhones, and watching the beautiful scenery pass before us. We left an hour later than intended and has the customary trouble coordinating rides for everyone.

We hiked part-way up Upper Yosemite Falls Trail (Earlier in the week, I went to Mirror Lake with my parents), and enjoys magnificent vistas of the mountains and valley below. As my friend Holly says – I made it to my happy place.

On the way home we stopped in a little tourist town that depends on Yosemite’s traffic and ate at a diner where we met a boy scout troop leader who was old enough to have fought in WWII. One from our group clearly made his day by showing interest in his stories, and he came back to our table three times to share more details.

The last part of our day found us riding in the car through the hills singing along to the boys in the backseat and us girls in front. Singing to Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, and a medley of ethnic music from K-pop to Armenian party music. The day was a single day’s road trip with enough fun to redeem the struggles of late.

Thank you to the college students for letting me be one of them for a day.
Thank you for reminding me what it means to have fun.