Why Saying Thank You is Good for the Heart

San Antonio and Holly

Thankful for this girl who has made me laugh when my dog died, traveled with me, and stuck by me through long months of embracing uncertainty.

Have you ever noticed that saying thank you to someone immediately lifts your mood? If you haven’t noticed that, try to test the theory today.

In the random articles, podcasts, books, and shows that I’ve read, heard, and seen in the past couple of years, I have noticed a theme, and I think it’s something that reflects a truth. When you express gratitude, you become happier. Expressing gratitude reminds us that there are good things in life. I know that there are times when it feels like we can’t escape those no-good-very-bad-horrible days, and sometimes weeks. We wonder why we can’t get a job, find a relationship, have fun money to spend, or make headway on our goals.

It is far too easy to get caught up in a pity party thrown for me, myself, and I, but that’s honestly one of the worst places to be. When life gets tough, you do yourself a massive disservice if you simply spend all your time thinking about how bad things are. Instead of dwelling on the difficult, write a thank you card to someone for their friendship. Thank the person who holds the door open for you. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and thank them for their place in your life.

One of my favorite things to do right now is thank people for sharing their strengths in their interactions with me. Whether it’s thanking them for being a good listener, a great conversationalist, or a funny story teller, or just their positivity, I try to let them know how much their sharing that trait means to me. Right now, I am particularly blown away by people who are compassionate, encouraging, and positive. They make the hard days easier, and the easy days brighter.

When was the last time you told someone thank you for something more than an afterthought? When did your heart last soar with gratitude?

And most importantly, how can you say thank you today, and to whom?