Tell me: How Can I Help?

how-can-i-helpI’ve talked before about how I really enjoy helping people. I’m not quite sure why, but that’s how I operate. This led me to many volunteer positions, to AmeriCorps, and back to my hometown. 

In the Good Times

When life is going well and I feel secure in my job, finances, friendships, and health, it is very easy to give. Having things work out in these areas of life makes me smile and fills me with a joy that I cannot help but use to push myself to do good work. I reach out to others, I thank God for what I’ve been given, and I create beautiful cards and mail them to people to brighten their day.

I relish these days and opportunities. Throughout my life I’ve developed a reputation as a perfectionist; this means that when things are going well my itch for perfection is as close to scratched as it can be. In the good times, I’ve cleaned up trash in cities, volunteer tutored for low-income students, and volunteered at a library after my work day is done. Being able to give back to the community around me makes life more fun. Maybe it’s knowing that I am making someone else’s life easier or better, or maybe it’s simply the fulfillment of my connection that my life is meant to be about more than just piling up money.

In the Hard Times

In contrast to the good, easy days where giving comes naturally, there are harder days. Like today. Today is a day where I really would like to sit around a mope and complain. I’m sitting in the camp of the large group of educated and vastly underemployed young people who graduated during the Great Recession. Instead of living the life I thought I would have after graduation, I’m in a very different spot that often leaves me woozily wondering what happened? 

However, instead of complaining or laying on the couch watching TV all day, I am choosing to make the effort to still help people. I am expanding my volunteer activities, writing articles for publication in a local newspaper, and having meetings with great people who are doing wonderful things with their own lives. I am choosing to remain grateful for the days that I am given with my family and my friends, and I am holding on to the hope that something better lies ahead. Am I on top of the world right now? No. Does that mean that I’m going to lie down and give up? No.

The Question to You

I ask you, in all sincerity, what I can do for you. I’ve got plenty of time and some rather fun skills to put to use. I would rather use them to do something for people who want or need what I can do than pretend that the world is awful and against me.

Whether it’s a card, an encouraging word, prayer, having a conversation, finding a bit of research, proofreading a document, creating an infographic, editing a picture, baking something delicious, translating something into Spanish, or offering advice about a marketing/PR/technology/social media question, I’m all about making life easier for you.

Fill out the comment box and let me know what you want or need! ❤