My First Published Article!

Only a few people in my life actually know how ambivalent my relationship to writing has been. In high school, peers and teachers told me I was brilliant, but the critics at College Board who graded my AP tests disagreed. I took their “lower than expected scores” way too personally, a fact that probably wasn’t too smart for a new English major. Several years passed. My writing style morphed into the perfect complexity level for analytical academic essays.

Writing for Now

Now it’s time for me to learn a new style of writing: newspaper writing! I know I’ve got some adjustments to make, but this is my best first shot. It’s my first InDesign formatting, so please forgive me for it’s appearance. The newspaper it appeared in yesterday doesn’t publish all it’s articles online but I wanted to share the content, so this is how you get it.

Read the article in the image, or click the link to open (and share) the PDF: Winton Christmas Toy Store.

More to come. Fingers Crossed. 

Winton Christmas Toy Store