Advice from My Teenage Self


Early Photoshop Exploration

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past week scouring old discs for a specific piece of writing I did when I was 18. I haven’t found what I’m looking for, but I’ve found lots of priceless photos and some surprisingly sage advice. I remembered how much I loved to photoshop pictures, and how the era of myspace started my public exploration of self in pictures and words.
Before deleting my myspace back in 2006, I downloaded my old blogs (I can’t even remember what word myself used for them), and saved them. Today I re-read what I’d written, and I’m inspired by my 16 year old self. I had my fair share of teenage angst, identity issues, and emotional roller coasters, but I’m proud of these words and the heart they reflect. 


I don’t want to be ordinary.  Ordinary is for people who never take risks, and who live life only concerned with living the best for themselves.  I don’t want to be like that.  I want to make a difference, and for the better.  I know that things can always be better than the way they are, but few realize this and thus dont seek it.  Ordinary is such a boring thing to be.  Ordinary limits you with fear; it doesn’t allow you to discover how truly unique and wonderful each and every person really is.  Every person is beautiful and has talents-why doesn’t anyone believe me when I tell them they’re beautiful.  Why don’t I believe it when people tell that to me?

We are bound to the ground by the word “ordinary”.  Odrinary binds us to a chair and places a gag in  our mouths.  Ordinary takes the easy way out of a situation.  Ordinary doesn’t try to remember the way things were when life was grand and every cloud did have a silver lining.  You can’t aspire to be ordinary but you can aspire to be extraordinary.  You will be let down at times, but wouldn’t you rather live a life growing from the past and experiencing joy between let downs than living without any feeling at all?

I challenge you to this:

Please don’t take the easy road and be ordinary.  Take risks.  Compliment someone on something whenever you can. Love to the best of your ability. And for yourself- try to find out what is unique and special about you.  Oh, and, next time you look in the mirror-look at that beautiful person staring back at you.  He or she might need a little encouragement believing they can be extraordinary and live the life of an…optimist.”