The Holiday Rush

Life is a blur right now. Travels to the coast, house sitting, and beginning to write for a local paper. Community events, friends who are home for the holidays, and family time, too. Somewhere in that list of priorities, blogging falls to the bottom of the list.

I tell people that I don’t have enough to do, that my days are empty and I’m not sure how I’m going to pass the time. However, the past couple of weeks are a strong indicator that this is not the case. Most days, I’m not even sure where the time is going until it is already gone. I’m not aware that another day has gone by until I find myself at the end of the week.

All of my ambitions about moving forward are stunted right now as I try to get ready for Christmas. It seems impossible that it’s only a week away. Fortunately, I got my Christmas cards out a week ago and people received them before they left for the holidays. Still not sure what’s happening for New Year’s Eve, but Christmas plans are all set in stone.

The weather has turned cold and rainy and I’ve caught the seasonal cold. Missed the Christmas office party last week while I was away at the Coast. Visited Hearst Castle. Was once again amazed by the sea, and by the incredible conversations I shared with my friend Diane.

I’m hoping to get some gorgeous pictures of the trip up soon, but until I have the time for that, I leave you with the promise of some gorgeous pictures of the Pacific Ocean in the middle of this crazy, random, busy time.