A Heart for Helping

Published originally on Life Here At Twenty Something, the short version of my heart and my life in the past few years.

Life Here At Twenty Something

My entire life, I heard that I was smart, talented, unique. The words sounded good, and I soaked them in like rain on a hot summer day. I was convinced that because I was smart and hardworking, ambitious, kindhearted and motivated to do good for others, that I would have people lining up to hire me. I scoffed at the idea that you needed to know people in order to find employment or to accomplish any sort of community work. I believed that if you were passionate enough about something and you worked hard, you would find bountiful fruit for your endeavors.

With this in mind, I attended a pretty good university and graduated with honors. Armed with the knowledge that I wanted to help others, and the conviction that education is a powerful force that can dramatically improve a person’s life, I obtained a teaching credential. I taught in a…

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