What do you Value?

Billy Graham famously said, “Give me five minutes with a person’s checkbook, and I will tell you where their heart is.” I think that this quote is as true as truth can be, and in this season where we focus on being thankful, bringing the idea of value to the table can be an important part in processing our thankfulness. 

It’s easy to jot down a thing or two that we’re appreciative of, or to toss in soundbites into our turkey dinners, but this year, I’m not satisfied with some my traditional list of thanks: family, friends, food, and faith. No, this year I want my thanks to be more meaningful. Getting to the meaningful business for me means looking at the things I value.

Two types of value:

  • We assign monetary value to things: how much are we willing to pay for something that has just come out versus something that is used verses something that is a knockoff version of something with more brand power?
  • We assign time value:

Monetarily, this month I am thankful that I’ve been able to put aside nearly $1,000 into my savings account in the past two months. This is quite literally the first time I’ve ever put money into savings instead of just into my checking account. I’m incredibly appreciative of my parents opening up their home and refrigerator to my cat and I back into their home which has allowed me to put that money in the bank.

Time-wise, I am thankful for the ability to read and research. I realized last year in Washington how much it means to me to have the time to sit down and learn new things through podcasts, blogs, and books, and I don’t think that I’ve expressed my appreciation for that time enough.

It is far easier to look at my life right now and complain about not having a full-time job, a steady income, or my own place, but I’m choosing not to go there. There are a lot of incredibly valuable things and relationships in my life right now, and they’re worth their weight in gold. I am going to take this season of life and enjoy what it offers. I won’t be here forever, but while I am here, I might as well take what it gives me and store up investments of the heart