Why Write? Blogging & Social Media

I like research. When I was younger, I liked reading. My love of research is a recent revelation.

I like writing. When I was younger, I also liked writing. My love of writing has interesting relationship to my blogging.

Blogging is a beast.

Lately my love of research has meant a lot of time weeding through data about how to use social media effectively,, how to blog intentionally, and how to do x, y, and z well in order to “accomplish your social media goals.”

Honestly, I’m pretty sick of this research and I’m sick of having the knowledge in my head. I don’t want to write for other people, and all of these things that I’m reading are about how to be persuasive with your use of social media. I’ve got the lingo down. Conversion rates, subscribers, analytics, referrals, traffic, and content. I’ve read the tips and tricks and arguments about using lists vs. focusing on a specific topic for a post.

After all of these podcasts and articles and videos…I just don’t care. My goal is not to generate traffic. My goal is to relate things that are on my mind and in my life. The fact that people care enough to stop by and read is great, and I’d lie if I said I didn’t care about getting feedback from readers. There’s just a point where I feel like writing is about the writer and not the reader.

It’s a unique relationship; the one between reader and writer. There’s a connection and a relationship that is never equal, rarely reciprocal, and only occasionally responsive. I’ve never gotten paid to write, and I’m not sure how I’d feel if someone did pay me for my writing.

All of these marketing tips that I’ve read talk about the importance of influence, and I’m just not sure that influencing others to be influential on social media is really the best way about things. Why do we need so much information populating our twitter feeds? I’d rather spend time with people I care about in person than spend hours worrying about how effective my outreach on Twitter is.

If you tweet 140 characters in the middle of a massive conversation thread and no one retweets it, does your voice exist?