Not Finished with You Yet

You call me back to you. You won my heart and you still hold a part of it. There have been five of you in the past five years, yet you are the one that I choose to go back to when I want to escape, when I want to have fun, when I want to feel like the world is good.

I brought my friend Holly to meet you again this past weekend, and we had a wonderful time together. You welcomed us back with delicious crepes and fresh salads that taste so much better with your extra piece of love. Maybe I imagine it, but I feel like we’re meant for each other. I tried to stay away but I feel that I cannot go more than a few weeks without you. It may take a couple of hours to get to you, but the drive is worth it.

Now, I’m thinking maybe I should give us a second chance. We’ve spent some time apart and I admit that I miss our time together. I miss how much peace I feel and how often I smile when I’m around you. I have wonderful memories tied up with you and I hope there is still time to create many more.

I love you, and yet I also know we’re not meant to be. You and I is almost too good to be true, and in a sense, I think it’s too easy to be with you. You’re a great escape and you make my life brighter, but I think I need to hold you in that “occasional treat” space of my life so that I appreciate all that you have to offer. Maybe we can spend some more time together next year, but for now, I think once a month is about all I can do.

Davis, you are my home away from home. Your bike paths, parks, farmer’s market and campus offer more than any of my other homes ever have. Yet now I choose my hometown. It is not as hip as you and I’m not as happy here, but it needs me in a way that you never will. Here, I can do great things that impact the community and I can do it surrounded by the people I love. I’m sorry that we cannot be together, but I’m sure you understand.

See you again soon,