Rain, Rain, Come and Play

Unlike what I found in my year in Wash-ington, I haven’t encountered much rain since returning to sunny California. I know that we’re in a horrid drought on a national scale that makes life much more difficult for many people, but frankly, I’ve been glad to have clear skies these past three months.

However, somehow that time in the land of clouds seems to have done something to me because when I awoke to the smell and sound of rain through my open window this morning, I smiled. Today, the wind blew harder than it typically does. Leaves swirled, branches waved their long limbs, and everyone broke out their warm clothes. The professional people in my life donned coats and sweaters while the college students I saw wandering around the junior college wore their comfy sweatshirts. For the first time, our high temperature fell shy of 70 degrees, and the ground underfoot stayed wet for several hours.

The biggest drawback of the rain is the fact that even with their kennels under their “doggie condo”, our pups don’t have the sense to stay out of it. I came home this afternoon between my office job and tutoring only to find two pathetic looking creatures staring at me on the other side of our french doors. I gave them each a treat as to absolve my guilt and cuddled up on my bed with the cat and a book. After tutoring, I walked in the house and knew immediately by the musty smell that the damp dogs had found their way inside. Apparently my father took pity on them.

Hopefully the weather will clear up soon. Thursday’s got a hoe down planned, and I intend to have my first line dancing lessons. Also in the works: Swing in Sac next weekend; time for me to get my dancing shoes on!