Good Bye Facebook, Hello Daisy

I lounge on my bed with my sweet cat nestled beside me, purring. She stretches her paw out and a smile, for I have missed her this past year. Daisy, my dear, slightly chubby kitty and I had quiet the year with our companions in Davis, and then endured separation for a year. Lately, she’s amused my family and I greatly with our new game — we toss playing cards at her and she catches them or chases them. Quite hilarious, though I suppose it may be one of those “have to be there” moments. My mother and I have this little tradition where we play solitaire together in the evenings. Convoluted as it sounds, our team work and luck often result in quality time to process our days and to simply be together.

Incredible as it sounds, I’ve found myself distracted from my reading in the past few weeks, unsure as to what my next genre obsession will be. Do my parents sympathize? No. They spend their free moments reading fluffy fiction about things like war criminals. Psh. So I turn to the internet and facebook for entertainment and look at all the status updates people have shared about their awesome jobs and weddings and babies. Excited as I am to hear about engagements and graduate programs, I hate how looking at those updates makes me feel like my life isn’t good enough. I’ve carried high expectations with me longer than I can remember, and I always have had this thing about being better than everyone else. In school, that was easy. Now that I’m out of school and I don’t have any of the tokens that I think represent worldly success –a stable relationship, my own apartment, full-time job and career path– I feel more like a failure than a success when I see others’ status updates.

Facebook feeds my pride and encourages me to cut myself down at the same time. I think its on its way out in popularity, and that other technologies too will decrease in their usage in the next year or so. I intend to take my time off the little social updates of people I haven’t had a real conversation with in far too long, and to invest in relationships in the community I inhabit here in California. Life is too short to waste time bumming around facebook, and really, why am I intentionally passing time there when I know it discourages me more than encourages me? For this, I am taking a September Facebook Sabbatical. I’m not sure where I’ll find myself at the end of that month, but I know that right now, it’s not healthy for me. I’ve got a kitty to bond with, card games to play, and books to read. So what if it sounds like I’m living in the ancient past. That past sounds like a much better present than the one Zuckerberg’s company can offer.

I’ll still be online, on here; I’m not gone completely. Just if you’re looking for me, you’ll have to use the phone. Or e-mail. FB and I are taking a break.