Big Life Moments

Every time I chat with someone on the phone, see them in person, or look at my facebook newsfeed, I hear more and more BIG NEWS. Exciting, life-altering news.  Starting grad school/a new job, new baby, I’m engaged, I’m married, I’m moving to a new state/country. These notifications keep popping up. It’s as if suddenly, life just got a lot livelier for everyone around me.

My big news of the week? Our internet was down for two days, I joined the gym here, and I have CA car insurance again.
The fanciest restaurant in town closed, and oh yeah, yesterday the cops busted 11 people for $9,000,000 worth of Meth, the biggest drug bust in history for our region.

See? That news falls short in the light of new babies, jobs, and relationships. Schools are starting up again and summer is officially winding down. After all of my moves and travels, I feel like I should be one of those people starting something big and exciting. Alas, it is not to be for me right now.

Where to go? What to do? Somehow the charm of being home right now is a little dull at the moment. Maybe I need to dust off my rose-colored glasses and seek some perspective on my knees. It’s only been a month, and the journey stretches on.