Impressions from Driftwood Beach

These past few days have offered some beautiful views of ocean shores with sand, rocks, living plants and worn wood. They also have held majestic redwood forests, Ponderosa Pines, and delightful conversations with friends. I spent four days without internet and simply enjoyed the world around me. With one friend and three days’ time, I traveled from my resident city in Washington through Oregon and halfway down California. I arrived at my parents home this morning, and will rest here one more down before continuing on to Nevada and Arizona later this week.

This natural break gives me extra time to sit with my complicated sentiments regarding the next steps in my life. Chances are good that I will be moving back into this house with my parents, and once more living in the candy-apple colored room that made my teen years look brighter than they actually were. I have memories from my younger years that are encroaching on my present desire to move forward with my life (whatever that means.) Instead of actually processing through this, I’m choosing to enjoy the pictures from this trip so far.

My favorite layovers were at Driftwood Beach halfway down the Oregon Coast, and in Davis where I got to see a few friends last night. Saturday morning my traveling companion and I stepped foot onto this beautiful beach shrouded in its marine blanket, we walked in silence, lost in our own thoughts. A stray runner or two passed, but mostly, we were left to ourselves. I noticed many pebbles, sticks, logs, and patterns in the sand where the water had attempted to drag these items into its grasp. They had resisted, and altered the landscape around them. The result was spectacular, yet it left me wondering — am I strong enough to hold on against the current of all that is to come? Am I getting pulled under to a place where I’m covered with a force greater than I, or am I leaving an impression where I’ve been?