Sandals Made for Traveling

In 2009, I purchased the perfect pair of sandals. Brown with a braid up the front and a circle of fake leather around my ankles, they stuck with me through all sorts of conditions. They supported me with the perfect amount of cushion and accompanied me on hikes, walks, and probably even an impromptu run or two. I packed them for a trip to Colorado and used them well for my weeks in Estes Park. Near the end of my month there a car full of us decided to drive into the Rocky Mountains for a view from the top of one of the highest peaks. We parked and strayed off the beaten path to climb up a rocky outcropping for an awesome photo opp. It was July, yet at such an altitude, snow still lay on the ground. After our group photo, half of the group members walked back to the car, and the other half slid down a snowy patch. Always game for adventure, I chose to slide down as well.

The slid provided quite an exhilarating thrill, and yet, as I slowed to a halt, I felt something break. I had not anticipated mountain climbing and snow sliding, so I had worn my sandals. That day, my perfect pair of sandals let me down. The side of one snapped in the slide down the mountainside, and I hobbled along with the other as we continued enjoying the view from the mountain top.

I returned to California a couple of weeks later and drove to the store (Target, for those of you who care) intent on purchasing a duplicate pair. Unfortunately, everyone else had loved them as much as I had, for they were all gone, and as summer ended, my hope of finding another perfect summer sandal disappeared with it. The next summer, I discovered with great joy that  Target released a slightly different version of the same sandals. I quickly purchased two pairs, one in black and one in brown, and though they never captured my heart like that first pair, we had some good times together. Lightweight and compact, those sandals traveled across Europe with me two years ago, around the various cities I’ve lived in, and even in my travels to Austin and Miami this past year.

Today, tragedy struck again. My black pair, as well loved as the velveteen rabbit, broke as we were cleaning up supplies from Tie-dyeing shirts with the kids. After getting dye on what is quite possibly my favorite pair of jeans, I almost couldn’t take it when the sandals broke in the same way their predecessors had three years ago. I’m down to my last pair, and I’ve still got many miles left to travel. It might just be time for a new pair of traveling shoes.