Good bye My Hardback Covers, Good bye my Paperback Friends

I said what perhaps will be the hardest good bye for me this week. I said good bye to the library where I have volunteered for the past few months. You wouldn’t think that saying good bye to a place would mean so much when all of my people good byes will likely not bring me as close to tears. 

This beautiful library embraced me with my stress at the end of long days with the kids. It planted some dreams for me for what I could do after I finished AmeriCorps, and it provided hope, promise, and fodder for my ambitions. 

I want to work in a library and yet it seems so difficult to break into. Libraries are enchanted wonderlands for me, because they are a place where that which is real and imaginary meet. They provide a wealth of information at no charge, and they are as close to an equalizing force as one can find in society if you believe, as I do, that knowledge is power. 

While I am ready to let go of this city, this county, this state, it hurts to let go of the library. It is the love of my life here, and now I must let it go. Four days until I head southbound on the 101, gracing the Pacific Coast with my presence and refusing to look back. 

Maybe my personal version on the old cliche is that when one book closes, others stand, longing to be opened. We’ll see what happens.