Pacific Northwest Adventures: Mounts Hood and St. Helens

Whoo! I am officially moved out of my duplex in Washington, and am spending a few days with friends before I head south on Friday for my massive road trip. I have been looking forward to this time and this trip for many weeks now, but before I get there, I need to review the exciting views from the past week.

We headed down to Oregon for a couple of nights to Hood River, the wind surfing and kite boarding mecca of the Northwest. It lies along the Colombia River in Northwest Oregon, just East of a wondrous set of waterfalls that are quite famous. We stopped at the waterfalls on the way  in, including Multnomah and Silver Falls.

We hiked a lush mountainside with a view of Mt. Hood at the top. Unfortunately, Mt. Hood tried to hide behind a cloud most of the time we were there. Still, the flowers, streams, and overall experience were an amazing day. We stopped at a couple of different roadside fruit stands including Packer Orchards and Bakery. Packers had the most delicious jams, cookies, and homemade ice cream. It sits at #14 on Hood River’s “Fruit Loop” with every winery and fruit stand on it boasting its own unique aspect of the countryside to share.

On the way back to my home in Olympia, we stopped at Mount St. Helens. In true Washington fashion, the sky game us lots of clouds and rain. The clouds occluded our view of the mountain, but the visitor center still gave us a great perspective on the the explosion that defined the way this countryside developed for the past twenty-five