Happiness is a Blooming Flower

Unlike my grandmother, my mother, and my sister-in-law, my thumb is not particularly green. I love looking at and smelling flowers and produce, but I’m not generally very successful at tending something to its fruition. Usually, death comes sooner. I remember watching a movie that had a lesson about caring for plants. Though I cannot remember the movie title for the life of me, I remember this scene. There are individuals in therapy looking at rejoining the world and pursuing relationships. Their therapist tells them that first they must be able to successfully care for a plant, then a pet, and then if they can keep both of those alive, then they are fit to pursue a relationship.

Now, I’m not in any hurry to enter into a relationship, but I’m pretty proud of this little put growing in my room. It’s got some sweet pea vines and some pansies, and they’ve both been alive and growing for 6-8 weeks now. They aren’t dead, and the first flower bloomed today. They will go to a friend when I move out in a couple of weeks and I don’t know what life awaits them then, but right now, I’m pretty proud of the fact that this flower is blooming. Even with all of the uncertainty in life, this I know: I can cultivate beautiful things, wherever the road takes me.