Waiting for Something

I may have already established the fact that I’m not a fan of waiting. It’s not that I’m impatient, I simply am not content to not know what’s coming. Some days I’m okay, but other days, I can’t stand the not knowing.

Waiting to hear back from job applications, fully aware that I might not hear back at all.

Waiting to see my family again, along with my home, my cat, and my dear childhood friends.

Waiting for it to feel like summer, for while my friends complain of 90 and 100 degree temperatures, I still sit under a moderate 60 degree cloud cover.

Waiting to feel inspired. To cook, to clean, to write, to photograph, to meet new people, to hike, to bike, to love.


Goodness, I’ve bored myself. Not even my books are enough right now.
I wonder what thing I’m waiting for will actually spark my zest for life.

Until then, I guess I will remain…waiting.