The Stress of Winding Down

Good news. I’ve got internet again! Three days without makes me feel slightly like an addict. Not sure what I would do if I went without for a full month.

The current time is just a couple hours shy of June, and my itch for summer is coming. All of the countdowns that I’e been waiting to begin finally feel like they have appropriate starting places, be they days or weeks. Among the highlights to count down are the days until our big fundraiser (2), days until the kids’ last day in our program (8), days left until I my good friend comes to visit (14), and weeks until I leave the state on my big Pacific Coast Road Trip (6). Even though it’s the lazy days of summer that are apparently coming, all of this feels very stressful right now.

I finally finished a video for our fundraiser that I’d been working on for several weeks. While I’m excited for our dinner and auction, at this point I think I’m more excited for the day after the event is over, wen I know that there isn’t anything else to prepare for it. I’m excited for the kids to finish school for the year, but I’m also not really looking forward to how quiet I know the office will be without them running through the halls in the afternoons. I’m looking forward to visitors and trips and moving, but I dread all the little logistical details that I still need to figure out.

Too much for my tired brain to ponder tonight. Book time, then bed time. There’s still much to be accomplished tomorrow; this short week has been packed full, and my body is feeling the lack of sleep.