Lifeline: Phone a Friend

The cellular phone may be the most important invention that has been created in my lifetime. I remember when I was about ten, I had a dream where you could send short written messages to friends on small devices so that you could communicate with them without anybody else knowing. In my dream, this was helpful while sitting on a loud bus of students, and in Sunday School when one is supposed to pay attention. I had no idea that shortly thereafter cell phones would dominate the world around me and that this odd communication phenomenon would be quite common place and receive the identifier “text messaging”. I received my first cell phone a couple of months after my 13th birthday, and we’ve been rather inseparable since then.

My phone is still a phone, and I’m okay with it being a dumb phone, because I figure I’m smart enough to do what smart phones can do, or I can do without. I’m currently working in one of those areas of the country where AT&T customers don’t receive service, so from 8:45 to 5:45 each day, I cannot be contacted through my phone, and honestly, I don’t use it all that much in the hours outside of that. However, come evening time, my phone and I are the best of friends. It got me through a three year long-distance relationship in college, and it is probably the reason that my friends from high school are still the best friends I have in my life. I’ll spend 2-4 days a week chatting with friends for 30 minutes to an hour and a half. These are the hours that make me happy, regardless of what has happened with my day. These calls are how I maintain my friendships, plan my trips, and show my friends I care. Skype is fun, too, but as much as I love video chatting, I think the phone is still my favorite method of commuication.

What’s your biggest phone related pet-peeve?

Mine is contracted text messages. I don’t care how many characters you can get into one message, if u type lik dis, u still look dum.