Cupcake Party!

The countdown began two months ago and ended today. I made a pact with the girls in our after-school program that I would bake and decorate cupcakes with them if they were able to be kind to each other and to the staff, to participate fully in our activities. I kept reminding the kids about it for the weeks as we’ve counted them down, and felt really excited to finally get to make them today. I purchased strawberries and  Oreos to put into our chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, along with some frosting that we tinted many colors. 

While I try to promote healthy eating habits, a high level of vegetable consumption, and food made from scratch, I understand what joy cupcakes can bring to both young children and the young at heart, and I’m not going to deny these kids that kind of joy. Even today, as I donned the cupcake apron my mom made for me, and playingly hosted “The Cooking with Jamie Show”, the kids expressed their gratitude and joy with hugs, declarations of love, and giant smiles.

This is going down as one of my favorite days of the year. Baking and decorating treats with cute kids? How much better can it get?