Mother’s Day Waffles

For Mother’s Day, I received some lovingly potted plants from the children at church. I got a couple of joking comments as I held my friend’s baby girl, and after some conversations with the kids last week, I was once more struck by the fact that I could be a mother. But I’m not, even if I look like I could be.

My sister-in-law, on the other hand, is. She celebrated her first Mother’s Day by creating a facebook page for her yet unborn son, who seems to have his official name. Today, I missed what has traditionally been a very big family holiday for my mom’s side of the family. I sent a card and called, but unfortunately, that’s all I get to do for Mother’s Day this year. To celebrate, I found a recipe for healthy waffles with one of my favorite fruits- strawberries. Unfortunately, this makes two weeks of a less than stellar combination of flax and whole wheat flour. After I fun out of this bag of flax seeds, I might let them rest. If you’re interested in some slightly pink and quite healthy breakfast options, try these Good for You Strawberry Waffles, found at