Directions for a Stupendous Saturday

After lamenting about the fact that I don’t have people to travel with and the urging of a friend, I decided to practice solo-ing activities and drove to the Olympic National Forest today. The weather was perfect-75 degrees without wind or clouds in the sky. We’ve gone a week without rain and are set up for a second similar week, and I’m loving it. Today I saw some families, teenagers, pairs and groups, but I was the only person on the trails I traversed who was going it alone. Going off alone to the mountains, even for a day, took some courage for me. I’m glad I went though, as mountains and rivers are some of my favorite things on the earth. I’ve climbed the Rocky Mountains, Tahoe Mountains, Austria’s Alps, and graced Yosemite’s Vernal Falls. I’ve now been to the Olympics, and feel greatly refreshed after the trip.

I mentally made notes for myself for how to remember this day that felt somewhat monumental for me due to its importance as a “first” solo adventure. It was mild, but I loved it, and i feel more confident about taking other solo-ventures in the future. Here are my notes for you, if you’re curious how this day out worked.