Travel Companion Wanted

I’d like a travel companion, please. Someone who is rather free of tethers and time or space dependent responsibilities. Someone with a thirst for adventure and without a fear of tent, dirt, mountains, and rivers, and who lives somewhere along the US’ Pacific Coast. I’m willing to go by train, plane, car or bus into the wild or city, or even the sometimes fearsome suburbs. Must be willing to go on the cheap, sacrificing luxury for the beauty if the experience.

There are services to connect people who think like me, people who cough surf and meetup, who hook up through group packages and I’m scared to try to meet people out there, introvert that I am. I want to hike and bike and take beautiful photographs of places that I have yet to see.

What do I have to give up, the desire to travel, or my fear?

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”
-Les Brown