The Best Way to Babysit

I’m convinced that the best way to babysit is to figure out what you and the child/children you’re doing both enjoy doing, and do it. it helps if you’re babysitting someone like I did today who is a)enthusiastic about trying new things, b)listens, and c)is cute. With a combination like that and the trust of a guardian, you’re in for some fun times. I spent seven hours today with a nine year old girl, driving around the city and enjoying a rare temperate and sunny day. We went to her church, to the Farmer’s Market where she got her face painted, picked up a balloon dog, and got lunch, down to the Port of Olympia where we explored crabs, clams, and other sea creatures, and out to the lake in front of the state capitol building for a walk, and lastly, to a toy store for some more silly little games.

This weekend went by way too fast, and here I am at 9:30, waiting for my laundry to dry and digesting a delicious dinner eaten closet to 9:00 than my usual 6:30 or 7:00. I scoured the food remains in my fridge and decided to make a garden salad crepe for dinner, along with a strawberry and chocolate one for dessert. The dessert one was so simple – I melted some chocolate chips at half power in the microwave for a minute, spread the mixture onto my crepe, heated up some frozen strawberries, dumped them, juice and all, into my crepe, and enjoyed some sweetness after the fresh veggie crepe from my dinner proper.

Phew. The week starts again tomorrow, and I feel like it hardly ended. We’re counting down the days until I have a cupcake party with the little girls at work (10), till our big fundraiser comes (28), and till the kids are officially out of their school year program (35). I can’t help it. I like counting things down and looking forward to what lies ahead. It stresses me out when I do it looking at the big picture stuff, but it can be fun and exciting, too. 

Today I leave you with photos, not of my dinner, but of my afternoon poking around the Port of Olympia. Lowtide may just be the best naturally occuring discovery opportunity created by God. Disagree? Let me know what you think rivals low tide on a sunny Sunday afternoon.