The Great West American Road Trip of 2012


It’s one of the themes of the last year of my life. Now that I’m out of school, even without having a ton of extra money to spare, I’ve contracted the desire to move about the country while I can. I’ve been to seven states in the past twelve months, and right now I’m trying to piece together a trip this summer that would allow me to see another 4-5 before I make it back to California in July.

I’ve always talked with friends about going on a road trip but due to work, school, finances, or differing ideas about what the main points of interest should be, one has never materialized. I’ve crossed the country by plane but I’ve never gotten to actually have my quintessentially American road trip.

May this be the year, while I’m young and I’m free. A chance to see the country, to experience new cities, National Parks, and regional food.

Time to get reading.