An Overnight in Oregon

Right now, I feel incredible blessed. Tired, too, though fortunately blessed is a stronger feeling. I got to spend two and a half short days with my parents this weekend for the first time since Christmas. They flew up for a quick weekend to celebrate my birthday and to get some quality time in. Thought I’ve talked to them at least once a week every week, this is the longest I’ve been away from them, so this time with them was precious indeed. We spent Friday talking and walking around my neighborhood, made and ate dinner together, and played The Worst Case Scenario board game.

Saturday and Sunday were spent exploring Northern Oregon, including Portland and a community about 20 miles south of the Washington-Oregon border where my parents’ friends live. We stayed at their house, met their llamas (Lucky and Rama), and ate more delicious food. We made an obligatory stop at Powell’s City of Books in Portland where my dad paid for three new books for me! I picked up two books that have set major news sources abuzz lately (Going Solo:The Surprising Rise and Extraordinary Appeal of Living Alone, and Wild:From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail) and a phenomenal looking cookbook of frozen desserts. The frozen dessert cookbook is my promise to myself to move someplace warm after my AmeriCorps term is up in three months. As it is, we were fortunate to have absolutely wonderful weather this weekend. It’s such a relief after the rain that I’ve come to expect from this region.

One thing I love about being with my parents is that they have more money to spend on good food, and so today I got the treat of a fabulous gourmet lunch at a Peruvian restaurant in Portland. It ranks up there in one of the most unique eating experiences and meals I’ve had in my life, and it was definitely a treat to have for my birthday. I’m looking forward to a potluck and some ice cream on my birthday this week, even as the clouds, rain, and cooler temperatures return.