What If?

What if I had stayed in California?

What if we didn’t break up?

What if I had found and taken a teaching job?

What if I traveled the world for a year?

What if I met someone tomorrow that rocked my world?

What if all who were thirsty had clean water to drink?

What if we served the poor instead of the rich?

What if we smiled a little more and complained a little less?

What if I never met you?

What if Jesus comes back tomorrow?

What if the sun comes out tomorrow? and, What if it doesn’t?

What if we got a dog?

What if I never get married?

What if I move to Texas?

What if I get a graduate degree?

What if I move home?

What if all of my grandparents pass away this year?

What if I don’t take the time to be a part of my family?

What if I climbed a mountain just to see the view of a valley?

What if there was no more sickness, no more pain?

What if we all just got along?

What if we destroy this planet?

What if there is life on other planets?

What if this is as good as it gets?

What if it only gets better from here?


What if I were content with knowing what I know, instead of wondering about what I’m not ready or able to understand?