Ten Texas Trip Highlights

Hi Ya’ll!  After a week away, my persistent cough and I have returned to Washington. Today marks my grandmother’s 95th birthday and only the second one where I haven’t been there with her to say “Happy Birthday” complete with a hug and a card. I’m sad to be missing her birthday, but I will hopefully see her in three short months when I return to my hometown for an interim period between AmeriCorps and “the next step”,  whatever that means. For now, I bring you highlights from my week away.

1. Beautiful views from airplanes, especially those in Washington and Utah.

For some reason, things seem to look more spectacular from the air.

Flying in over SLC at sunset

2. Getting to see one of my best friends for an entire week.

What more is there to say?

3. Figuring out a city by foot and by bus, and being in a city where it’s possible to rely on public transit.

We logged 2-3 miles average walking a day, plus a lot of time riding buses.

4. Sunshine.

With a place like this, how can one not stop to soak up the sun?

5. Eating at food trucks.

The first of many food truck adventures in the week.

I found out about this place from the blog One SixtyK

6. Visiting the UT campus and learning more about a prospective graduate program

Even though it's a large campus, it still has the exciting buzz of a smaller college.

7. Seeing random and eclectic parts of Austin that are unique to the city.

For the artists who would otherwise not have a venue for their creativity.

One of Austin's most iconic weird hot spots

8. The taste of cool desserts after a hot day of wandering around the city.

There's vanilla ice cream hiding inside. The perfect way to tantalize my taste buds in 90 degree weather.

9. Understanding that there truly is something for everyone in Austin.

I can see myself here in this city, and I've got the photographic proof to show it.

10. Getting another stamp in my National Parks passport at a mission in San Antonio that took nearly two hours to walk to from the downtown tourist center.

Not just a feature of the California Coast, much as I might have believed as an elementary schooler.