A Lull and a Break

It appears that I’ve not had much to say this month on the blogosphere. Truth be told, life has looked a little different, and my thoughts and time have been otherwise occupied. This isn’t me petering out on blogging, but more taking a chance to look at my life from a different perspective.

Last week I put in several extra hours to prepare for my training on Social Media and Technology, and in the midst of researching for my presentation, using technology to give my presentation, and then talking about it during my presentation, I got a little burnt out on it. it may seem ironic, but all I wanted to do this weekend after I finished my presentation was to read. And I’ve done that. I’m almost done with my second book in five days.

There’s a lull at work. The kids in our after school program are on half days this week due to parent-teacher conferences, so that means that we don’t have our program. It’s kind of exciting because then I get to go to the conferences and hear the kids’ teachers talk about their strengths and weaknesses in the classroom environment. I like getting to see the different classrooms and to meet the teachers; to get new strategies for teaching, and to hear what our kids are good at that we might not see when they’re mixed in with a few dozen other kids in five grades.

However, these conferences are not the sole preoccupation that has kept my mind going lately. At last, Spring Break has made it to us, and I am going to spring before I break. Saturday will find me on a plane out of Seattle headed Southeast towards warmer places and a possible look into the future. I’m taking a vacation and scoping out a possible “Life after AmeriCorps” two weeks before our team has an official training on the subject. I’m collaborating with one of my dearest and longest friends for a future that looks and sounds pretty awesome to me. After some consideration, I decided that I will not be taking my laptop with me on my trip, as I did the previous one in Miami a few weeks ago. This time, I’m going to soak everything in, and report out when I get back.

Time is precious, and I intend to enjoy every moment that I get. And now, back to my reading, for the night isn’t getting any younger and the hours are passing me by.