Mini Apple Walnut Cinnamon Rolls

Once a month, my small group is responsible for bringing snacks to church. When I remember to make something for these days, I have fun, because I know there are going to be lots of people eating what I’ve made, and that chances are good what I make will put a smile on their faces. Typically, I bring muffins or mini-muffins, but this week, coming off of my excitement with the bread machine pizza dough from last night, I thought I’d try cinnamon rolls, once again with dough from scratch.

Most recipes I’ve found for cinnamon rolls call for pre-made dough, but I know that the pre-made, tubed rolls are typically not as healthy. Since I had the time and the motivation, I combined this idea for mini cinnamon rolls with this dough recipe, tossed in a pinch of myself, and came out with some wonderful whole wheat, apple walnut cinnamon rolls in my favorite size: cute and little.

I followed the instructions for the dough as specified, aside from subbing in 1 C whole wheat flour and 2 C white flour instead of 3 C white flour. I melted 2 Tbsp of butter and brushed it onto the dough before adding my cinnamon and brown sugar mixture on top of the dough. I baked slices of one Granny Smith apple in the over @ 275 while the dough was coming together in the bread machine, and instead of adding raisins to my rolls, I added some baked apple slices.

With this lovely spread complete, I cut the dough in half, rolled each half, and sliced the dough tubes into 12 rolls apiece. Each little piece went into a mini-muffin tin, and I baked them for 15 minutes at 375 degrees.

I put about half the icing on my rolls once they were done, and while they could probably use some more, I’m still trying to stick to my conviction that these rolls can be better for you than the ones you buy in a can. So, what do you think? Will my fellow churchgoers be happy that they showed up tomorrow, or should I have stuck with the motto “Go Big or Go Home”?