Taco Tuesday Variations

Ever since college when my guy friends would celebrate Taco Tuesday by purchasing and consuming several tacos from Del Taco, I’ve been vaguely aware of this weekly tradition, and of late, my participation in its festivities has grown.

For the past several weeks on Tuesday, I’ve gotten out some tortillas, cheese, salsa, and some veggies, and made some variation of a “taco” dish to eat. Sometimes I’ll make shrimp tacos, sometimes chicken, and sometimes I won’t include any meat at all. In college, I almost always made it with large flour tortillas,  ground beef and packaged taco seasoning, and while I still believe that tastes good, now I try to make my tacos a little healthier. I have considered trying to make my own tortillas, but that desire has not yet manifest in action. I went so far as to look up instructions tonight about making them, but decided I didn’t want to invest so much time in my dinner to make them tonight. Maybe those can be a weekend experiement in the next few weeks.

I like Taco Tuesday because it offers a quick meal prep without using a lot of dishes. I’m not a fan of doing the dishes, though I’ll bite my tongue about doing them if a mountain of dishes is the byproduct of a tasty meal. Especially now, when my morning workouts have shifted to evening ones, eating a quick dinner is rather important to me.

Tonight, my taco creation took on a mind of its own. I tried being creative and ended up with a tasty meal, but I don’t know what else to call it besides “Taco Tuesday Jumble”. I sauteed half a sweet onion, some sliced mushrooms, and some garlic for a few minutes, then added taco seasoning, broken corn tortillas, cheese, corn, and black beans to the mix. I stirred it around in my skillet for a few minutes, slid it onto my plate, and topped it off with some salsa. The best part about it was the fact that I mixed my own taco seasoning to the mix, following a recipe from budgetbytes, one of my favorite cooking blogs.

Ten days till Texas, and one week till Taco Tuesday returns and I attempt another variation on this consistent classic.